Filip Hendrickx
BA and Innovation coach, trainer, Visiting Professor
at Vrije Universiteit Brussel
"How to be innovative like a successful startup in the digital era"
Innovation is hard. While ideas are cheap and plentiful, execution often falls short, and few ideas lead to valuable results within reasonable time and budget. In this talk, Filip will show us how to make the shift we need to make to guide idea development and help bring the most valuable ideas to fruition. - Shift from product thinking to customer thinking. - Turn a “we believe” mindset into a “what are our assumptions & how can we validate them” mindset. - Getting MVPs right: what do we need to build first? Filip will also explain how the shift to digital can help us but at the same time lead us astray. This shift helps BAs facilitate their organisation’s innovation process, from ideation to value creation. It enables innovation projects to follow a validation driven approach, building customer feedback and agility into the process right from the start.

BA and Innovation coach, trainer, Visiting Professor at Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Board member of the IIBA Brussels Chapter.

As “Innovating BA”, Filip supports BAs in becoming more strategic and innovative, and helps organisations become corporate startups. To do this, he follows a structured yet pragmatic approach, by bridging BA with strategy, lean startup, and innovation techniques. Filip is also co-author with Ian Richards of their upcoming book on business analysis and change. Finally, as joint president of the IIBA Brussels Chapter, Filip helps support the BA profession and grow the BA community in Belgium. You can read Filip’s blog here.