Mercure Hotel foto

Address: Cosmopolite Congress Hall (Cosmopolite Mall, 4-th floor), Vadima Hetmana St. 6 (map for direction).

Cancellation: In case of booking cancellation in less than 24 hours, a fee for one day is charged.

How to book: Send request with dates of your stay to _________marked “promo code – UBA2020“

Getting Around Kyiv:

Kyiv is easily accessible by air, railway and road. The public transportation network there consists of subway (metro), train, suburban railways, buses trams.

Flight & trains:

The official air carrier of Ukraine is UIA.
Two main airports in Kyiv: Boryspil International Airport (KBP) and International airport KYIV (IEV)


From Boryspil International Airport (KBP): bus shuttles will take you to Railway station “Pivdenny”. Check schedule.

From International airport KYIV (IEV): use buses 22 or 565 to get directly to the Mercure Hotel

From Kyiv Railway Station: use bus 223 or subway line 1 (Shuliavska metro station).


Download Uber app for quick and reliable taxi rides.

For basic taxi services call 579 (Optima Taxi, callback) from your mobile.

Maybe the going will change to travel.

Mobile Internet:

If you want to have access to mobile connection or 3G Internet (no 4G available in the country), it’s better to buy an Vodafone, Lifecell or Kyivstar SIM-card. It’s not required yet to buy sim-card, but have your ID ready just in case.

The map of passing through the repair of the bridge now has the following form: