Vyacheslav Pankratov
Managing School "Stratoplan", co-founder
Vyacheslav has been conducting training for adults for over 12 years and during this time he has heard different motives why people decide to learn and hundreds of reasons why they give up on it.

Watching people learning in different states he has implemented several tests which show if a person is ready to learn, whether they have got required strength and, what’s most important, if learning and development are the priorities for them in the moment.

Looking back on studies of psychologists from related fields Vyacheslav believes he has come up with the set of constructive and non-constructive motives which lead students to learning and help them gain expertise.

During the presentation you will discuss what can be “for” and “against” reasons to start learning at the point where you currently are. You will also talk a bit about energy and where it vanishes to at some point. He will be speaking about the balance and acceptable deviations between work and leisure.

Slavik's great aim is to add an important factor to your algorithm of making a decision to learn which is your resources and ability to do so. That’s the key factor that affects the experience you gain and your possibility of completing the chosen course.

Vyacheslav has got degrees in IT and psychology. Working for Yandex for 7 years he has come a long way from software testing engineer to the Head of technology department.

Vyacheslav has become a cofounder of Startoplan school of management (which has a few thousands students yearly) and a business trainer (specializing in HR, motivation and team building) since 2010.