Torsten J. Koerting
Koerting Life & Business GmbH - The Game Changer
"Facilitate within any room and environment - Guide your clients through the process and create the outcomes they want and need"
Step up and transform yourself in becoming a Facilitator for any workshop and process

In todays world the attention span and disruption is all over the place. To be in control of your workshop, process and any training room is crucial to make learning or fact creating processes a fun and insightful experience. Therefore facilitation skills are critical because they transform an entire room into an experience.

This workshop will make you change and step up to the next facilitation level
  • Open every workshop or training in a powerful way and create a room of full energy and focus within 20 minutes, and get to know the 5 magic flipcharts and the fairy template 🙂
  • Take your experience, move away from the script if necessary, need less preparation and still teach and inspire your audience, create better outcomes by creating life changing moments and by controlling the room.
  • Take any data and situation and create exercise and challenges that will simulate the real world and create learnings that will never be forgotten
  • Handle any difficult situation in any room at any time elegantly, deal with objections and interruptions, stay in full control and create positive outcomes.
  • Debrief any situation, action or activity in a way that creates magic insights and aha moments to even the most resistant participants.

Being a great facilitator will provide you with the ability to move away from the ordinary and create outstanding and memorable experiences with your client, participants and audience.

Become a professionals that stands out and that will be remembered

Torsten Koerting is a subject matter expert in the area of project management. He specializes in projects that are in crisis—especially those considered challenging ‘Turnaround’ projects. He is the author of several books, and is a regular speaker at conferences on the subject. A strategic thinker, visionary, and trusted advisor, Torsten lectures regularly to MBA students at business schools across the globe. He has a passion for facilitating strategic- and innovative-processes, while helping people develop and recognize their personal brand and stand out in today’s noisy world. At his core he acts as a ‘host’, by creating and maintaining an environment, where others can be successful in and live up to their full potential. By doing this, his goal is to help people achieve their objectives, get results, and provide support in taking them to the next step and reaching the next level.

Outside of work, he enjoys spending time with his family, paragliding, trail-running, and long distance hiking.