Torsten J. Koerting
Koerting Life & Business GmbH - The Game Changer
"Transformational Leadership - the key skills and behaviours to drive and support organisational change"
You need to lead yourself to be able to lead others. This keynote will set the stage for the entire conference / and this particular day.

Core Elements are:
  • What are the core areas why and where the world is changing
  • Why it is important to keep up with that pace
  • What are core elements and how to achieve them:
    • How do i establish rapport and trust in an instance
    • How to embrace the energy of todays leaders and your very special role models and make it my own in every situation
    • How to be present in your role in almost every situation
    • How to reflect my personal blueprint / baseline (Value System, Beliefs, Needs) and my personal concept of living, to change my mind-set and attitude, how i deal with myself and others in a meaningful and empathic way
    • Understand which Leadership type you are ... Clueless, certified / structured, Manager, Leader, Host and which behaviour will take you to the next level
    • How to create a powerful self-confidence to conquer every situation given
    • Learn the 5 principles how to transform a team of champions into a championship team and win on every given performance
    • Understand what it takes to guide, lead and inspire a champion team, so that i will perform to its full potential and deliver on its expectations

This keynote will not just present on these topics, but will make people and participants feel the diference and the powerful debriefing will stabilize the learnings to be taken into everybody's personal and business life and into their communities.

Torsten Koerting is a subject matter expert in the area of project management. He specializes in projects that are in crisis—especially those considered challenging ‘Turnaround’ projects. He is the author of several books, and is a regular speaker at conferences on the subject. A strategic thinker, visionary, and trusted advisor, Torsten lectures regularly to MBA students at business schools across the globe. He has a passion for facilitating strategic- and innovative-processes, while helping people develop and recognize their personal brand and stand out in today’s noisy world. At his core he acts as a ‘host’, by creating and maintaining an environment, where others can be successful in and live up to their full potential. By doing this, his goal is to help people achieve their objectives, get results, and provide support in taking them to the next step and reaching the next level.

Outside of work, he enjoys spending time with his family, paragliding, trail-running, and long distance hiking.