Stefan Bossuwé
Holistic Business Analyst
"An Introduction to #HolisticBusinessAnalysis"
"Holism' originates from the Greek word 'holos' (= 'all', 'whole', ‘entire’) and is the concept that systems (physical, biological, social, economic ...) are to be viewed as wholes, not just as a collection of its parts.
Business Analysts are very often absorbed by their work on solutions, customer journeys, business processes ... all initiatives with a certain level of impact on the whole organisation.
Holistic Business Analysis requires you to look at an organisation as a whole and not only as a collection of employees, business domains, customers, processes, systems, change initiatives, etc...
The speaker will introduce you into the world of Holistic Business Analysis, including the different organisational levels on which it can contribute, the various types of requirements/stakeholders/scope ... and how all of these are related.
The presentation will:
-invite you to see the BA profession beyond the tasks and techniques;
-invite you to see your organisation as a whole as well as a collection of its parts;
-introduce you to concepts & techniques essential to Holistic Business Analysis."

Being passionate about business analysis, Stefan Bossuwé founded together with a small group of BA enthusiasts the IIBA® Brussels Chapter (covering Belgium and Luxembourg) in 2009, where he got appointed as Chairman.

He’s got more than 25 years of experience in various roles and in a wide range of different business domains, and became in 2012 the very first CBAP® in Belgium and Luxembourg.

Stefan assists organisations in increasing their maturity on business analysis: coaching, introducing and deploying methodologies & best practices, etc …

Stefan firmly believes in the importance of business analysis. He spends much of his time in promoting the business analysis profession and shares his knowledge and experience as a speaker at various international conferences and seminars.