Ronald G. Ross
Co-Founder & Principal,
Business Rule Solutions, LLC
"Engineering for Business Agility under Digital Transformation"
Business agility doesn’t happen by accident. Tinkering with organizational schemes can be helpful, but will not be sufficient. Rapid software development can’t get you there either. You must engineer for change – and your solutions must be scalable and sustainable.

Challenges abound. Organizations are undergoing rapid digital transformation. Most processes and entire industries are being disrupted. How do you survive and thrive in these challenging times?

The Knowledge Age requires major adjustments. Professionals need a laser focus on the knowledge assets that make the company smart – rules, vocabularies, decisions, and strategy. Business agility can be engineered under digital transformation!
• How you should think about business agility
• Why data quality is more of a problem – and a different problem – than you think
• Policy busting – key to business transformation

Ronald G. Ross is Co-Founder and Principal of Business Rule Solutions, LLC ( BRS provides consulting, training and mentoring in support of business analysis, business rules, concept modeling, business knowledge engineering, and rule management.

Ron is Co-Founder and Chair of the annual Building Business Capability (BBC), official conference of the IIBA®. He is also Executive Editor of and its flagship on-line publication, Business Rules Journal.

Ron co-develops the landmark BRS methodology featuring numerous innovative techniques including the popular RuleSpeak® (free on These are the latest offerings in a 45 year career that has consistently featured creative, business-driven solutions. Ron is recognized internationally as the ‘father of business rules.’

Ron is the author of ten professional books. He is also co-author with John Zachman and Roger Burlton of the 2017 Business Agility Manifesto (
Mr. Ross holds an M.S. in information science from the Illinois Institute of Technology and a B.A. from Rice University.