Roman Sakharov
E5 - Co-founder, trainer, consultant
EPAM Systems - Senior Business Analysis Manager
"Scaled Agile Product Management, or Scaling for Product Owner"
Agile Project Scaling is being used more and more in projects which include business analytics, product owners and project managers. Even though Scaled Agile is extremely popular, it isn’t always clear how the work on product is conducted on different scaling levels. In that case, process participants are often dissatisfied, which leads to projects and team being disrupted to perform their potential in creating product that matters.

In reality product management takes special place in Scaled Agile Framework which neatly describes how the product is created and validated at the highest organisational levels and how its vision is cascaded at different levels. During the workshop we are going to overview key artefacts which are created for product development at multiple SAFe levels and clarify how they are related and create large product.

We will create key artefacts at Portfolio, Program and, of course, Team levels. We will also discuss their relations and nuances that come up during the work process at different SAFe levels.

Senior Business Analysis Manager @EPAM, Co-founder and consultant @E5. Actively developing business analysis competence in the company as a Global Business Analysis Practice Co-head, BA community founder and leader. Delivery manager on multiple project (including volunteering for Diia). Conducting trainings on business analysis, Agile methodologies and management. Consulting projects on business a analysis, product management and Agile processes. Co-leading ITKaizenClub community in Kyiv. Speaker on multiple Ukrainian conferences.

  • Leading SAFe® certified
  • Certified SAFe Product Owner / Product Manager
  • Certified ISPMA Product Manager
  • Agile Team Facilitation certified
  • Certified Scrum Master
  • UA IT Awards – Business Analysis 2014 winner