Roel Wieringa
The Value Engineers, Director
"Tools for business model innovation"
True innovation is innovation of your business model. Today, this means that you also innovate your business ecosystem. By innovating your business model you change the role you play in your ecosystem, form alliances with new partners, take on new competitors or sail out in the blue ocean, to create a new ecosystem on your own, and you capture value from new customer segments. In this talk I present design techniques for innovating your business model at the ecosystem level.

Your business model should define your value proposition, define the stakeholder involved in producing this value, and define a profit model for the new value proposition. In an ecosystem approach this means making models that show what unique value is created, which stakeholders are involved in this, and how this creates revenue for all stakeholders. We show software to design and test models, to analyze them on financial sustainability and risk, and to assess and mitigate weakness in your ecosystem that could lead to fraud.

Roel Wieringa is emeritus professor of information systems at the University of Twente, The Netherlands, and co-founder of the company The Value Engineers, which provides tools, techniques, courses and coaching on ecosystem-driven innovation. He is responsible for the ecosystem-driven innovation approach called TEAM. He is a regular speaker at academic and business conferences.

Author of the book “Design Science Methodology for Information Systems and Software Engineering”