Pavlo Kuznyetsov
Product Manager
Replacing marketers with algorithms
At the moment when the largest fashion e-commerce in Europe, Zalando, changed a marketing strategy towards complete automation and let go 250 marketers, Pavlo joined the team to build ML-powered marketing technologies. On the talk, he will showcase some real examples of how automation products are replacing designers and marketing experts and how such products are implemented in real life. He will also give advice on which skills to polish to stay relevant, and how to take part in building products that could automate your work. Pavlo will shed light on the "zero retention approach" - a new wave of products that doesn't require a human touch or guidance and the way of measuring the usage and value of such tools.

Pavlo Kuznyetsov builds ML-powered marketing technologies as a product manager at Europe’s largest fashion e-commerce Zalando. Launched an e-commerce martech startup at the age of 16 and raised $515K investment.

Was responsible for growing Spark email client, that was awarded as “The Best Of” by Apple in 2015 and 2016. Launched world’s first way to monetize Periscope through product placement as a former head of marketing at Publicfast.