Oleh Svirskyi
Product Manager
"From strategy to execution: how to set up right metrics"
This hands-on workshop will help participants better understand relations between the goals of the company and the metrics of the product. After the workshop you will know how to use different metrics frameworks in practice.

During the workshop we'll cover the following items:
  • OKRs as a goal-setting framework;
  • North star metric definition and identification;
  • Main metrics frameworks (funnels, Pirate, Heart, Mixpanel, others);
  • Practical task which combine work on high-level and granular metrics.

Oleg Svirskyi works as a Product Manager in USA Insurtech startup Matic.

During his 10 years career, he worked in Enterprise-grade companies as well as in small&medium businesses and startups, in outsourcing and product companies – Allo, Comfy, SoftServe, Matic. He launched products from scratch and maintained existing ones – both as a hired employee and co-founder. Among that products and projects are the brand ambassadors marketing platform, insurance agency management platform, home appliances care service, strategic consulting, account development plans and strategies.

Has a solid background in Retail domain and now is working on extending his expertise in the Insurtech.