Norma Lidia Acevedo Lopez
Business Agility Consultant at RodriguezPardo & Assocs
REWE Digital GmBh Organizational Agent
"VORTEX the new innovation lifecycle"
In this workshop we will have a quick overview of the innovation framework VORTEX. Yes, it was also new for me until April 2019 when Juergen Appelo present it. Based on Lean Startup and Design Thinking, it shows there are no separate, sequential steps in a continuous innovation approach. Instead, there are streams of activities that all swirl together in a dynamic-looking model.

Norma has been working for more than 20 years in the telecommunication sector, and she is currently driving the R&D organization at REWE Digital Bulgaria, the REWE Group provider of online solutions. Norma has a broad professional experience as Agile coach, working with countless agile teams in very different sectors. She also has intensive experience supporting companies with the introduction of Agile and DevOps frameworks.