Nati Nazar
Director of BA CoE, SoftServe
VP of Communication, IIBA Ukraine Chapter
Structured Conversation Workshop
This workshop is all about framework “Structured Conversation”, which gives more understanding on techniques and tools to be used when scoping solution/product under its main seven dimensions: users, interfaces, actions, data, controls, environment, and quality attributes. We’ll share both theory and practice during this workshop, as well as provide recommendations on its further successful and effective implementation.

Certified BA professional (CSPO, CCBA, Pragmatic Marketing) with over 9 years of diverse IT experience. Being an evangelist of business analysis, Nati is also a visioner and designer of new concepts and models that uncover strong BA capabilities, empower teams and clients with creative intelligence toolset. Nati leads Business Analysis CoE for the company with over 200 business analysts, and her strong marketing, product management background and great team of like-minded people help launching IIBA endorsed courses, trainings and workshops globally.