Michael Rutledge
Head of Product
OLX Group
"Using the 3 Horizon Model of Innovation to Manage Your Product"
Product leadership often requires developing the most compelling vision for a given area, balancing execution needs with demands from senior leaders to constantly innovate. To embody this duality, leaders must not stick in the operational weeds with incremental optimizations. Rather, she/he must balance the long term future horizons to ensure opportunities are not left to the side. The 3 horizon framework, originally developed by McKinsey strategists, provides a guideline for how leaders can think of this balance that must occur between small optimizations and long term vision. This balance is critical not only for product success but also to inspire and motivate teams.

We’ll review the importance of the 3 horizon framework and common pitfalls. We’ll also review best practices for product leaders and managers to apply this framework on a daily basis.

I’m a technical and design centered product leader with 8+ years of Product Management experience in global eCommerce, horizontal and vertical marketplaces, digital payments, aerospace, and media businesses. I am adept leading product, design and engineering teams to build experiences customers love and scaling successful businesses. Сurrently works as a Head of Product with OLX Group, based in Lisbon. Previous companies include Audible (an Amazon company), American Express, and LexisNexis