Irina Minoiu
President IIBA Romania Chapter
From business canvas to 10 minutes winning pitch
A pitch is the 5 to 10 minutes opportunity window to ask for support: approval to organize an workshop, to visit a client, project resource allocation, contract a subject matter expert, spike in an agile development. The art of pitching goes beyond start-up fund raising, or wining a big contract. Pitching is in the job description of the BA and should be done well. For example, when a BA is presenting a solution approach to a client she/he is making a pitch. The pitch summarize the summary of an entire business plan: a whole universe condensed in a couple of minutes. From need/pain point to idea, value canvas proposition,business canvas, story board to a wining pitch: just putting together the tools of the BA trade.

– Software architect – Business analyst – Project manager – Volunteer – Trainer – Marathon runner –

My favorite question: How should it work?
The question that drove me from SW architecture to business analysis.

Working in corporate IT, product owner, close to the team, the customer, latest technologies and development approaches.

On the lookout for new, learning.

Iiba volunteer since 2012.
Iiba Romania Chapter president since 2016.

Supporting the growth of the BA community in Romania:

  • Teacher: written the study group materials for BABOk 2.0, BABOK 3.0, Agile BABOK extension; conducting the study groups sessions
  • Speaker: share my BA on the job experience and lesson learned
  • Mentor: encourage others share their experience as BAs – IIBA events and conferences organizer