Bart Hoitink
Co-founder of The Project Leadership Institute
CEO of NIMO Project Management Institute
"Core Qualities versus Allergies"
This is based on the Core Quadrant model of Daniel Ofman.

In an interactive workshop participants will discover their personal core qualities and pitfalls, and why an allergy for the behaviour of certain people actually can be turned into a challenge. It helps to improve a better understanding and appreciation of individuals, and increases team effectiveness.

Bart Hoitink is CEO & co-owner of NIMO Project Management Institute and director & co-founder of The Project Leadership Institute. Bart dedicates his working life to Project Management Development, focusing on people and their organisations. Being a former project director on water-related projects for an international consultancy firm, he has hands-on experience with the challenges project managers are facing every day. Since 2005, he works at NIMO Project Management Institute; he and his colleagues train project managers, team members and project executives, and help organisations in all industries to improve their project management. The Project Leadership Institute focuses on leadership development for more experienced project managers who want to take themselves, their teams and projects to the next level. Working across the globe for multinational companies inspires Bart and his co-workers to continuously improve and innovate.


  • Co-author of the book: “The Project Sponsor. A practical guide for the Project Executive”
  • Dutch market leader on IPMA Certification on all levels
  • Contributor to the ISO-21500 Guideline for Project Management