Birgit Koerting
KOERTING Life & Business GmbH & PROEJCT MASTERY GmbH - Managing Director
"Factor X - The Future is female. Pain or Gain? A guide to embrace and accelerate diversity in your daily business."
This workshop will provide deep insights into how to create a sustainable ecosystem for a diverse business environment.

Participants will learn about …
  • the obstacles that prevent diversity to grow;
  • what diversity really is and what it requires;
  • the challenges (pains) of working in a diverse environment;
  • the benefits it brings into every career, team, project and organization (gains).

They will understand what gender specific stereotypes as well as their individual beliefs about them-selves and others drive or prevent success in a diverse VUCA world.

All participants will interactively receive valuable insights and concrete guidance about how to trust, access and boost their power and mind resources and how to effectively combine them with their in-tuition. And how to manage their unconscious behavior and strategies.

After this workshop, participants will have experienced a set of tools and activities which will make them stronger and more relaxed whenever they face a “different” person or situation and even more embrace diversity in their daily business.

BIRGIT KOERTING – Leadership Strategist … has been successfully working in various top management roles in global corporations (e.g. Lufthansa, Amadeus, Virgin Airlines) for more than 25 years in Germany and Australia. Since 2012 she works as Life & Business Strategist. Parallel to her leadership career, she studied business admin-istration and completed numerous personal development training courses at renowned international authorities. The passionate leader, wife and mother of two school-age children inspires and supports people and organizations to become more diverse, innovative and thus more sustainable. In addition to that, Birgit rocks the stage as an energetic speaker, female role model and leads a charity to em-power Women in Management as Chairwoman.