Anna Dombrovskaya
Business Analyst
"Required BA competencies for solution design projects with the high level of uncertainty"
I would like to speak about particularities of solution design projects, but also would like to cover a bit of theory about solution design approach:
  • The difference between solution design and discovery
  • Selling of the solution design project
  • Constant expectation management and highlighting the risks
  • Setting the limitations
  • Splitting scope for so-called regions - areas
  • Building the set of assumptions and hypothesis
  • Assumption validation

But I would like to highlight the main challenge of such projects and more over competencies of the BA that will allow to overcome those challenge (the real examples of two my solution design projects would be used)

Main challenge:
- Super high level of uncertainty (not clear where to move and what to do, even for client)

Competencies (probably I will add something to this list during the preparation):
  • Self-organization - ability find the direction where to move, to set task for yourself and understand the priorities
  • Flexible thinking - ability to change opinion based on the fact
  • Active Learning - ability to learn quickly, and ability to find the right information in the common noise
  • Adaptability - ability to adapt quickly to the new inputs and situation
  • Effective communication - ability to communicate the right information in the right moment
  • Expectations and Risk management - ability to raise red flag to the client and team
  • Persistence and resistance - ability to work in the chaos and achieve project goals
  • Creativity - ability to think out and actually suggest the required solution within the current limitations

Main characteristic and main thesis - ability to put client interests first, but remember about contractual terms

Started career in IT in 2010 as the dating sites product management and at some point became product leader of the French dating group of sites called AGL that allowed me to spend almost year of working from Paris office.

As a product manager I was responsible for conversion ratio constant increasing & control, new features implementation, A/B hypothesis testing, strategic planning of product development and I implemented a wide range of the features and A/B tests experiments confirmed by increase of e-commerce KPIs.

In October 2014 I switched to a Business Analyst role in in DataArt and moved to Wroclaw. For last 5 years I have been performing different type of activities starting from reverse engineering and solution design to BA consultancy (BA process audit and advising on its improvement).