Alexey Skorikov
Engineering Manager
"Large-scale software product requirements management with JIRA and Confluence"
PM and BA learn how to use JIRA and Confluence to organize requirements management for large-scale product development in a 1000+ company.

- JIRA & Confluence viewed as Tickets+Wiki
- Main entities in JIRA and their relationships
- JIRA and Confluence integration
- Case: 20 teams, 25 components, collaboration on requirements
- Creating logical entities in JIRA for structuring complex requirements
- Using Confluence for managing detailed requirements with ease
- Centralized company board for tracking product features
- Risks of third-party plugins, vendor lock"

    For the past 7 years Alexey has been helping IT companies in the US and Western Europe to build strong tech teams and organize full software development life cycle as a Delivery Manager, Head of Development, Project Manager. Has delivered over 20 web and mobile apps, 8 SaaS and PaaS solutions in 5 outsourcing and product companies for Oil & Gas, GIS, AdTech, FinTech, Internet Hosting, and other industries. Before that time for 8 years as a Software Engineer, Alexey had been specializing on commercial software development as a Software Engineer in high-load web services and high-volume data processing.