Oleh Svirskyi
Product Manager
"How to deal with Metrics as Product Managers"
I often hear the question from product people: ""What metrics should I track in the product?"". And the correct answer is always the same: ""It depends""🙂

So in this speech I will tell about the factors that impact your work with metrics and will answer the questions:
  • What are the relations between the product vision, strategy, goals and metrics?
  • How to define key metrics for different stages of the product life cycle?
  • What are the main metrics frameworks?
  • Some tips and pitfalls to avoid.

Oleg Svirskyi works as a Product Manager in USA Insurtech startup Matic.

During his 10 years career, he worked in Enterprise-grade companies as well as in small&medium businesses and startups, in outsourcing and product companies – Allo, Comfy, SoftServe, Matic. He launched products from scratch and maintained existing ones – both as a hired employee and co-founder. Among that products and projects are the brand ambassadors marketing platform, insurance agency management platform, home appliances care service, strategic consulting, account development plans and strategies.

Has a solid background in Retail domain and now is working on extending his expertise in the Insurtech.