Could I get my money back in case I wouldn’t be able to attend the conference?

Late Bird tickets can not be returned. Though, you are welcome to replace the attendant (please, inform organizers at least three days before the event) in case you are unable to come. Share an opportunity with your friend!

After 01.03.2020 tickets are not refundable.

Return commission which equals 13,5% is paid by the buyer.

Where could I have a dinner?

For participants dinner at the hotel restaurant is included in the ticket price.

Would there be any entertainment program for participants?

Yes, there would be a party after the Conference.

I have some interesting cases to share with other participants. Would it be possible?

Conference administration is always open to cooperation. We will be glad to consider your suggestions on speeches and partnerships. If you want to become a speaker or a partner, please, fill out the form on our website or send your letter to our email:

If you need work completion statement, please, contact us by email forevent.

If you want to upgrade your ticket, you need to buy another one for that day. Those tickets will be available after Super Early Bird tickets will be sold.

Will I receive the certificate of completion after Conference?

Yes, you will be able to buy the certificate.

Will I receive PDU/CDU points and if so, when will that happen and how much can I receive?

All points will be accrued during the month after the event. One hour of content is equal to 1 PDU or 1 CDU.

Could I get presentations and other materials from speakers?

All materials provided by speakers will be shared with participants during the next week after the event.