Dear friends, due to circumstances, we are forced to re-arrange conference program, date, and participation’ conditions. We are doing our best to finalize all the details and will promptly inform you about updates.

Thank you in advance for your loyalty and patience.

When is the new date for 2020?

Please mark October 2-3 as time for UBA Conference 2020 in your calendar. That will be an inspiring time for impressive lineup of speakers, space for insights and possibility for challenges exchange with your colleagues (even in online mode)

What about ticket prices for 2020?

With the change of format, we decided to significantly reduce the cost of tickets. The price for UBA Conference 2020 is 3000 UAH. The price for those who have already purchased tickets for the offline event is 1500 UAH. Please contact managinguba2020@ukraine.iiba.org for details on reimbursement.

How about the conference program?

The online format dictates its laws, so we are modifying the program of our event. We promise that it will be very vibrant! Even though we won’t enjoy the sunset together.:)

We compensate this inconvenience with a super-powerful company of speakers. We will publish an updated agenda in early September. Please follow updates on Facebook event.