Speaker Registration

You will receive Ticket for Speaker which is equal to Premium Ticket. You will be able to do all the things participants do and also visit room for speakers.

Ticket bonuses:

  • workshop day, talks days, study tour (Kyiv sightseeing tour)
  • participant package
  • coffee break and dinner
  • business lounge
  • first three rows
  • access to the system of meetings
  • visiting all streams after party
  • special networking
  • pre party for speaker

Program of the Conference consists of three days respectively:

Day 1 (April 24th) – 8 workshops (every 4 of which will be held alongside, each workshop will have the maximum amount of 40 participants and last for 120 minutes), pre-party for speakers, beer tour for participants.
Day 2 (April 25th) – 5 parallel streams which include Analysis & Design, Expert Techniques, Product Management, Tomorrow’s Professional, Ask Me Anything, official party.

Speech submission is possible until March, 1.

Please do not wait until this date – do a submission now. Sooner submit means early feedback!

If you are going to be a speaker, please fill form below. You request will be considered off by program committee.

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Any other information about you: talks, communities membership, conferences, achievements, certifications and all other info will help us to know you better*
If you would like to recommend your colleague to speak on our conference – please do it below ! To be effective could you please provide as much info as possible – name, surname, email, LinkedIn and\or FB account !
I agree to the event being photographed and video recorded and do not object to the photographs and videos of me or those belonging to me being used by Ukrainian or foreign media, printed in booklets, presented at the exhibition or any other kind of public events. I have permission to use the materials of my company*